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Writing a Woodstock Real Estate Advertisement

When you write a Woodstock real estate ad, it is important to include positive headlines. It is better to use “Beautiful House for Sale” than “Available Bank Foreclosure”. You must grab the attention of a home purchaser right away. Describe the property’s best features. You have to specify the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, floor area in square foot, landscaping features (if any), and other attractive additions, such as a swimming pool or a family room. Direct your advertisement to potential purchasers. For example, if the house is near a school, add this fact to attract buyers whose children are school-age. In there is a home-based office, aim your ad at work-at-home mums or telecommuters.

Indicate the value of the property in the ads. Usually, advertisements without prices mislead house purchasers into thinking that the property is too costly. Make use of positive terms for the entire ad. For example, use the “cozy’ word rather than “small”, or word “charming” instead of “old”. If the house requires some work, include the phrase “needs TLC” in your Woodstock real estate ad to draw greater interest and make it more appealing. End your advertisement with some reason why a home investor should call, such as “Don’t allow this house to get away”.

Woodstock Ontario Canada Real Estate
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