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Finding investors for real property requires you to join real property investment clubs in your area. People who join these groups already have interest in real property investments. Take your proforma and business plan with you. Make sure that you are prepared to provide a positive, energetic and honest pitch. Alternatively, you may ask registered accountants whether or not you can provide your contact number for them to forward to their respective clients. Although they will not give names to you, accountants usually have clients that require tax shelters; these clients may be interested in taking a chance at a private effort. The risk will likely be higher, but the possible pay-off will be higher as well.

Another way of locating Woodstock investors for real property is joining the Rotary Club, the community Chamber of Commerce, and other large organizations that draw professionals who are usually in need of tax shelters. Make sure that you attend each of their community functions. Those who participate in these functions do so for professional purposes and would like to have connections. On the other hand, it is a good idea to approach financial planners exactly in the same way as you approach accountants. Financial planners are always in contact with several investors.

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