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Finding cash funds, whether from fellow investors or your own, is the largest hindrance to putting up a real property investment business. While new investors have always heard of no-money-down agreements, purchasing properties for dollar amounts, and going away with money in pocket out of the closing table, they instantly find out that the majority of those are hype. As a matter of fact, some of them are simply purely illegal. Cash still takes the lead when it comes to the real estate business. When seeking a real estate investor, you must prepare a good business program. There will be no earnest investor considering a “purely talk” deal. At the minimum, your business program must include expected costs, income and its source, your business aim, a marketing scheme, and your business’ purpose. Be clear regarding sharing profits with investors.

Perform a real-property proforma for specific properties that you are interested in purchasing. A proforma is going to cover the expenses and income for a provided property. You must know the amount of rent that you can collect realistically, because a prediction is never good enough. Be sure to consider debt service over the home loan (principal and interest), insurance, property tax, 5% vacancy rent and 5% for repairs, as well as other maintenance costs. Ask for the existing Schedule C of the owner to obtain much of this info. This is the specific document which the majority of investors would like to view first. Also, they will want to learn about your experience and your planned contribution to the business, as well as the benefits they will receive from it.

Woodstock Ontario Canada Real Estate
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